Prof André Stitt

André Stitt’s post-performance research looks at how aspects of performance art manifest themselves in other art media. This can happen through the traces that are left by a performance, or when media are used as elements in a performance, rather than as the means for producing a representation.

Civics, 2019.

This body of research is a series of paintings and performance that consider how we engage with specific man-made environments, specifically the civic, institutional and architectural structures that have attempted to respond to or deal with the placement of art within Britain’s post-war new towns. Performance, painterly abstraction, hard edge construction, and graphic layering and transparency are combined to embody experiences of Britain’s new towns. Developed over a two-year period, the originality of this work lies in the novel effects that it achieves by exploring the relation between painting and performance with reference to a New Town environment. The published forms of the work are an exhibition of paintings at Edge Hill Arts Centre, with two book chapters that explain the methodology of the paintings, and a series of performance works at Skelmersdale, with an accompanying catalogue and journal article.

Click here for the catalogue accompanying the performance series New Town Reclamation in Skelmersdale, 2019, and here for a copy of the article in The Modernist journal, vol. 31, 2019.

Further information on André Stitt’s work can be found on his website.